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Welcome to Lukeprint, a brand that embodies creativity, innovation and practicality all in one. We understand that the ordinary things in life may sometimes become monotonous, and that’s why we are committed to bringing a touch of colour and whimsy to the mundane. Our unique umbrellas, known for their distinctive hatch print designs, are designed to transform with the weather, making even the dreariest days seem brighter.

Our umbrellas are designed to change colour with the weather, because let’s face it, who wants to carry around a boring black umbrella all the time?

Lukeprint is a leader in the field of premium quality custom logo printed umbrellas. Our expertise lies in delivering high-quality custom printing services, enabling brands to present their unique insignia, event artwork, organization logo, or custom design artwork in the most vivid and accurate way possible. Our precision in matching Pantone PMS colors ensures that every single detail of your brand’s standards of appearance is adhered to, thus providing an unmatched level of brand consistency.

Our umbrellas serve as perfect promotional products for any brand looking to build lasting impressions and affinity. Every time your brand’s umbrella is spotted, it becomes a mobile billboard, subtly broadcasting your brand message to potential customers and reinforcing it with existing ones. This is the power of promotional merchandise—it goes where traditional advertising cannot reach.

In our commitment to offer our clients the best possible service, we provide a wide selection of premium umbrella styles. These are stocked locally and ready for immediate custom logo printing upon receipt of an order. Our selection ranges from compact travel umbrellas that are perfect for city-dwellers to large golf umbrellas that offer maximum brand visibility.

With our meticulous attention to detail, we ensure that each hatch print on the umbrella accurately represents your brand. We understand that consistency is key in branding, and we take pride in delivering products that are precisely printed according to your specifications. We believe that a well-crafted promotional product not only promotes a brand but also tells a story about its quality and values.

Lukeprint’s premium quality custom logo printed umbrellas are more than just functional items – they are powerful marketing tools that can help raise your brand’s profile and create lasting impressions in people’s minds. Whether it’s for a corporate event or daily use by your employees, our umbrellas can help your brand stand out from the crowd. Choose Lukeprint for your next promotional product – you won’t be disappointed.

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